Keep Wildlife Coming Back for More

Keep Wildlife Coming Back for More

We offer feed to attract deer in Holland Patent and Rome, NY

If you're looking for seeds for your wildlife food plot, Performance Premixes Inc. offers an array of options that are used to attract deer and feed wildlife. Our seed is specifically adapted to the Northeast climate and includes:

Gal Force Acre Rack Maker (Wildlife Essentials) - All natural essentials nutrients needed to enhance deer, turkeys, and other small game health. Gal Force Acre Rack Maker has a taste for them to come back for more!
Wildlife Meadow Mix - This provides cover and food for deer, turkey, grouse, quail and other small game. It's recommended for spring or late summer plantings.
Big Buck Clover Mix - This attracts and keeps deer and other wildlife around throughout the year. Spring or late-summer plantings are recommended.
Summer, Fall & Winter Wildlife Forage Feast - This annual mix helps extend wildlife grazing season into the winter.

Make sure your food plot site is prepped before putting down seed to eliminate as much weed and grass competition as possible. Contact Performance Premixes Inc. to learn more about our feed.

We carry an array of seed mixes

If you're looking for other sources of food and cover, we carry a variety of seed products, such as Preferred Ladino Clover, Preferred Forage Soybeans, Preferred Sugar Beets, Preferred Forage Oats, Preferred Grain Sorghum, Duration Extra Red Clover and Oasis Forage Chicory. Discuss your food and cover needs with us to find the ideal mix for your plot.

The Deer Can't Stay Away!

The application of this product may be unlawful in certain states and in certain instances where placed in an area inhabited by wild deer. This product should not be applied in violation of applicable law. The user is solely responsible for complying with applicable law. The manufacturer disclaims any and all liability for use of this product in violation of applicable law.

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Gal Force Acre Rack Maker 8# Pail