Other popular wildlife seeds available to plant...


  • BUCKWHEAT Abundant seed is good food for deer,game birds, ducks and turkey.
  • CORN, Dwarf Extra Early Grows 3-4', desired by ducks, game birds and other waterfowl.
  • MILLET, Brown Top Very heavy seed producer, good for quail, doves and turkey.
  • MILLET, Foxtail A good food source for all wildlife
  • MILLET, Japanese Plentiful seed supply for ducks,doves and quail, deer graze forage.
  • PEA, Austrian Winter Provides excellent fall,winter and spring foliage for deer and turkey.
  • RAPE, Dwarf Essex Extremely palatable and high nutrition food desired by deer.
  • SUNFLOWER Excellent food source for small game and songbirds.
  • TURNIP, Forage Fast growing tops and roots are valuable crops for late fall grazing.
  • VETCH, Hairy Browsed heavily by deer, provides seed and foliage for turkey and quail.
  • WHEAT, Forage Foliage is grazed by deer and seed is utilized by birds.
  • WILD RICE Provides food for wood duck and black duck.
  • WINTER RYE Very desirable fall forage and spring seed for most wildlife and excellent nurse crop

  • ALFALFA Attractive forage for deer and other game.
  • BIRDSFOOT TREFOIL An extremely persistent,highly palatable forage for all wildlife.
  • BLUESTEM, Big Grows 5-7' provides excellent cover for wildlife, especially good for pheasants.
  • BLUESTEM, Little Grows 2-3' summer forage, wildlife cover and nesting for native birds.
  • BROMEGRASS Very palatable wildlife food, also used as cover. Produces a dense sod.
  • BURNETT, Small Deer, birds and other small game feed on seeds and leaves, stays green all winter.
  • CANADA BLUEJOINT Used as food, cover and nesting by deer and small game.
  • CHUFA Turkeys favorite, grows like peanuts, takes a long time to mature.
  • CLOVER, Alsike Very palatable foliage, especially tolerant to grazing and moist soils.
  • CLOVER, Kura Extremely long lasting legume, very palatable as forage for all wildlife.
  • CLOVER, White Highly attractive foliage used by deer and other game as food.
  • CREEPING RED FESCUE Provides ideal nesting and cover for small game and good nurse crop.
  • DEERTONGUE Seeds eaten by birds and foliage used as cover.
  • GAMMAGRASS Grows 3-9', very palatable, high energy forage used as wildlife food and cover.
  • INDIANGRASS Very nutritious summer forage and wildlife cover.
  • KALE, Forage Very large, palatable and digestable leaves, irresistible by deer and wildlife.
  • LESPEDEZA, Bi-color One of the best food and cover for game birds, attractive seeds.
  • LOVEGRASS, Sand An all wildlife food and cover, 1-3' tall.
  • LOVEGRASS, Weeping Popular grass for quail with "weeping" nesting cover and abundant seed production.
  • MEADOW FOXTAIL Provides food and cover for wildlife.
  • ORCHARDGRASS Provides grazing for deer and source of insects for turkey and quail.
  • PANICGRASS Plants and seeds provide food for ducks, geese, turkey, deer and other small game.
  • PEAS, Lathco Flatpea Long lived flowering vine used for wildlife, food and cover.
  • PEAS, Partridge Pea Good cover, winter food, summer shade and insect habitat for all game birds.
  • RED TOP Rapid grower used as food and cover by small game.
  • REED CANARYGRASS Use as cover for wood duck and food for game birds.
  • RYEGRASS, Forage Palatable, fast growing forage for all wildlife, great nurse crop.
  • SWITCHGRASS Provides excellent spring nesting, winter cover and all season food, a must for pheasants.
  • VETCH, Crown Beautiful, permanent flowering ground cover, good for deer and game birds.
  • WILD RYE Excellent wildlife cover and quality forage.
  • Just as important as deciding what to plant...

    Just as important as deciding what to plant...

    ...Is understanding the soil preparations including fertilizing, soil pH, planting
    methods, seeding rates, depths and dates. To be successful, food plots also need follow up maintenance with fertilizers, grazing and pest management. See your local seed dealer and extension agent for specific guidelines in your area.

    To attract wildlife you have to establish a diverse mix of habitat. Experts agree, whether you choose annual or perennial plantings, it is better to have many well distributed small plots than fewer large plots. Your plan should include safe havens and travel lanes in the form of trees and bushes for game to access all areas of your property. Good luck in all your wildlife experiences.

    If your goal is to attract a trophy buck into your back yard or provide food and
    cover for a wide range of wildlife, Preferred Seed wildlife mixtures and unusual seeds will help maximize your results. We have selected our varieties and formulated our blends from the most attractive species, extremely high in nutrition and specifically adapted to the Northeast. Choose one of our proven quality mixes or use any individual species of rare seeds to broaden your own wildlife experiences.



    Wildlife Meadow Mix produces a perennial self-sufficient wildlife meadow to provide cover and food for deer, turkey, pheasants, grouse, quail and other small
    game. This permanent mixture contains all proprietary varieties of clovers and grasses. We are constantly researching and utilizing the best cultivars of the following ingredients:

    • Preferred Ladino Clover
    • Duration EXTRA Red Clover
    • Alsike Clover
    • Orchardgrass
    • Creeping Red Fescue
    • Forage Ryegrass

    Seeding Rate: 20 lbs. per acre

    For best results, establish a clean seed bed by double or triple discing, broadcast and drag seed in. Spring or late summer plantings are recommended with a nurse crop of oats to aid establishment and increase first year yield.



    Big Buck Clover Mix is a unique blend of pre-inoculated clovers and chicory specifically adapted for foraging growth in the Northeast. These large leaved clovers and chicory are all perennial, the most palatable and produce excellent quality and nutritional forage for a long stand life. Once established, the year round succulent foliage attracts and keeps deer and other wildlife throughout the entire year. This permanent mixture contains all proprietary varieties of clovers and chicory. We are constantly researching and utilizing the best cultivars of the following ingredients:

    • Preferred Ladino Clover
    • Duration EXTRA Red Clover
    • Ivory Clover
    • Oasis Forage Chicory
    • Seeding Rate: 20 lbs. per acre

    For best results, establish a clean seed bed by double or triple discing, broadcast and drag seed in. Spring or late summer plantings are recommended. An early spring frost seeding is possible without tillage.



    This premier annual mix will provide whitetail deer and other wildlife their necessary high protein fall diet. The use of annual brassica crops has become important to supplement and extend the wildlife grazing season into winter. We often see deer dig through the snow to reach these highly digestible and productive species. For Summer, Fall & Winter Wildlife Forage Feast we have carefully blended this mixture with species that have variable rates of maturity in order to supply very high crude protein levels for the entire life of the plot. This mix will concentrate the feeding habits of deer in your area for your viewing and hunting pleasure. The proprietary ingredients include the highest yielding and palatable varieties of:

    • Forage Rape
    • Forage Kale
    • Forage Turnip
    • Seeding Rate: 6 lbs. per acre

    Spring seedings can be used to supplement low producing pastures or as insurance against summer drought. Early summer seedings can extend the
    grazing season by providing high yields of very nutritious and extremely palatable forage for the fall and winter. For optimum results, drill seed no more than one half inch deep or broadcast and incorporate into prepared seedbed. This mix can also be established by no-till planting in grass sod that is supressed by an appropriate herbicide two weeks prior to planting.

    Wildlife favorites & our most requested products...


    Considered to be the best plant for attracting white tail deer. High yielding, palatable, persistent and high in protein, this perennial is one of the best nutritional sources.


    Deer love to eat both the foliage and the roots of this highly nutritious plant. This annual is an excellent addition to any existing food plot or can be planted alone.


    Vigorous spring growth aids whitetail deer in their spring recovery. Large leaved and very fine stemmed, this perennial is extremely palatable and vigorous in the field.


    Produces a windfall of palatable foliage for deer and seeds are loved by birds. Grazing tolerance to this annual forage is very good. Plant it often during the year.


    This perennial provides very palatable, highly digestible season extending forage. When most growth is slumping in the field, Oasis is flourishing.


    These fall planted annual oats are one of the most tender and attractive plants grown to draw deer in. A high source of protein, no management area should be
    without them.


    An annual forage that stands through the winter and provides excellent wildlife cover. Whitetail deer and songbirds are attracted to the ripe seed heads summer
    through fall.