Enhance the Value of Your Feed

Enhance the Value of Your Feed

Achieve optimum health through forage additives in Holland Patent and Rome, NY

When you want to maximize the value of your silage and get more out of every acre you feed, Pioneer forage additives are what you need for a high-yield crop. They use proprietary bacterial strains to:
  • Improve fermentation and reduce dry matter loss
  • Improve nutrient conservation
  • Reduce heating on pile face

In addition to the use of the forage additives, silage is also dependent on management at harvest, storage and feed out. Contact Performance Premixes Inc. today to learn more about our available forage additives.

Different products offer different results

Different products offer different results

We’re happy to talk with you about the variety of inoculants we offer to provide the quality of feed you need. We offer products that will:

  • Preserve nutrients in silage
  • Increase the yield of rumen microbial biomass during fermentation
  • Improve the fermentation process to enhance feed value

Discover different ways to improve the feed quality of your dairy cows today.