It’s Not Easy Being Green

It’s Not Easy Being Green

But our grass seed mixes will help in Holland Patent and Rome, NY

For many customers, grass seed isn’t a one-size-fits-all business. As a farmer, homeowner or landscaper, you need grass seeds with different qualities that will work best for your soil, livestock or fields. We are a dealer of Preferred Seed to offer you an array of seeds, including:
  • Clover
  • Fescue
  • Turf mixtures
  • Canary grass
  • Big buck clover

We offer high-quality seeds for $150 for a 50-pound bag. We can sell anything in the Preferred Seed line that you’re looking for. Contact Performance Premixes Inc. to get the grass seeds you need in Holland Patent and Rome, NY.

Get the mixture you need

For more specialized needs, we offer custom grass seed mixes. These are a blend of grass seed and alfalfa when you want different percentages of seed instead of an all-or-nothing planting. Call 315-734-1705 today to learn more about our blends and custom grass seed mixes.

Conservation Mix

For reclamation sites, erosion control, low maintenance and poor soils
Seeding rate: 3 lbs per 1000 square feet

Trio Mix

Our most popular mix- excellent in both sun & shade
Seeding rate: 5 lbs per 1000 square feet

Kwik Green Mix

For non-irrigated seedings
Seeding rate: 6 lbs per 1000 square feet

Nordic Birdsfoot Trefoil

Nordic Brand Trefoil offers a new solution to the old problem of birdsfoot trefoil survival on poorly drained, acid soils.
Seeding rate: 8-10 lbs per acre alone, 4-8 lbs per acre in a mix

PS 2000 Timothy

PS 2000 Timothy is the highest yielding, medium maturity timothy on the market.
Seeding rate: 8-10 lbs per acre alone, 2-6 lbs per acre in a mix

Sunrise Timothy II

The next generation of timothy ideal for use with high yielding alfalfa in an aggressive 3 to 5 cut program
Seeding rate: 8-12 lbs per acre alone, 2-6 lbs per acre in a mix

Chiefton Reed Canarygrass

Excellent yield record, winter hardy and very persistent. Withstands excessive wetness and excessive drought conditions.
Seeding rate: 14 lbs per acre alone, 4-6 lbs per acre in a mix

Horse Haymaker Mix

This mix contains all fine stemmed, leafy species of grass for extremely palatable forage.
Seeding rate: 20 lbs per acre

Permanent Pasture Mix

Durable mixture of improved grasses, alfalfa and clover. Can be used for sheep, beef and dry cows.
Seeding rate: 18-20 lbs per acre

Kentucky Horse Pasture Mix

Forage Kentucky Bluegrass is taller, leafier and more vigorous than bluegrass used on home lawns.
Seeding rate: 16 lbs per acre

Wet Soil Mix

Ideally for wet or variable soils, Wet Soil Mix also produces quality forage on well drained fields.
Seeding rate: 18 lbs per acre