Keep Better Track of Your Crops in Holland Patent, NY

Keep Better Track of Your Crops in Holland Patent, NY

The Encirca Nitrogen app lets you track the progress of grass seeds and more

Whether you’re looking for large yields in a crop or trying to manage three acres of grass, the Encirca Nitrogen app helps you make decisions about care plans. By offering you information about weather and planting, you can stay on top of any progress being made in the fields. Contact Performance Premixes Inc. to learn how we can help you manage your property through the Encirca Nitrogen app.

Get real-time data sent right to your phone

It’s free to have an Encirca account and get started, and Performance Premixes Inc. is happy to walk you through the process. The application offers a number of features, including:
  • Real-time daily soil nitrogen levels
  • Detailed nitrogen and yield target information based on zones within each field
  • Field comparisons so you can make informed decisions
  • Field-by-field weather updates
  • A follow-me feature that shows your location in each field as you move through it

Call 315-734-1705 today to learn if the Encirca Nitrogen app is right for you.